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Ok so the attempt at weekly updates and a written blog fell by the wayside. Turns out it is a lot of work to write something for a website with any kind of regularity. We are planning to be more dilligent here. Yeah I know you have heard it before. It is true that we are planning for videos and all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes you just have to bear with us. Plus if you ever want a long monolouge on anything stop by the store, we can talk forever. Anyway enjoy the new stuff on the website and we hope to see you soon.



Hey all. We are working on getting this website fully updated for the first time in a while. One of the big changes you will notice is that we are going to try to turn this into a weekly blog discussing products in the store and issues involving booze in general. Hopefully we will have everything up and running soon.






Ok so sometimes when we do a web update we just forget to fill out this log. I kind of wonder how many people look at it anyway. Well a lot has gone on and a lot is going on at Star. Why even as I speak we are taking advantage of a new law that allows us to invite beer reps into the store to do tastings. Between that and the wine tastings we are going thru a lot of sample cups these days. What else is new? Well Jason got married, Jerry is planning his 50th birthday and Adam went to Argentina. Otherwise everything preety much the same. Come see us soon.



Holy cow it has been a long time since we have had a web update. So what is new with you? Nothing? What do you mean nothing? Ok, ok so that is how that question always gets answered. Here at Star we are planning for the holidays of course. More and more really good wine comes thru the doors every week and they will be waiting for you on the 15th and beyond. We just had our Halloween contest again and you can check out the events page to see our finalists. You can also come in and vote for your favorite until Nov. 18th. We are also planning a whiskey tasting for January check out the on the floor page to get details and see pictures from whiskey tastings we have had and been to in years past. Food, fun and great wine await us all over the next few months so come in and let Star Liquor make it easier than ever for you.


We made it through the holidays Ok and we are happy to be on this side of them. How about you. We are plunging into the New Year with the same reckless abandon that we all live with here at Star Liquor. Check out the newwine and beer hilighted on their respective pages and you'll be glad you did. Also check out Cooking the Casbah on channel 27 on Sunday Feb 12th at 9am to see a show on chocolate and wine featuring Gail Ambrosius and Star Liquor's Adam Casey. Just in time for Valentine's Day. If you need chocolate and wine to wooo your sweetheart do not forget Star Liquor has your back.



Well, it sure does not feel like November outside but it is. Here at Star Liquor we survived Halloween and no one got pepper sprayed. We were however temporarily blinded by the brilliance of the Halloween costumes that appeared at our 3rd annual costume contest. Check out the events page to see the 13 finalists. Otherwise we are getting ourselves geared up for the year end holidays and boy are we gonna have fun. Don't forget to come in November 15th for great savings and have a Happy Turkey Day.


Boy it is hard to believe it has been four months since the last update but here we are. Well it has been one heck of a hot summer and we have all had our fair share of drinking beer and chilled wine. We are getting close to the end but some of summers best moments are still to come. The Great Taste of the Midwest is this weekend and everyone that got a ticket this year is really looking forward to the event. Football season is coming up too so make sure you have enough cold beer for all those preseason Packer games. We are still drawing for the kegarator in September so come on in and sign up. Don't forget to come in and get 15% off on wine this Monday August 15th. Stock up or just grab that special bottle. Have a great time this weekend and we hope you enjoy the update on our website.




Greetings and happy return to nice weather here in the great Midwest. Our site has been updated and has lots of fun and interesting things to tempt and tease you related to fine wines, spirits and summer beers. Check out our events page for photos of our trip to Chicago and the annual Whiskey Fest. Our Beer department is filled with new and great summer items just in time for back yard BBQ and dockside sunsets. Wines are always changing here at Star, much faster than we could ever keep up on here, so please stop by and see what's new. Don't forget our monthly 15% off wine on the 15th of every month and our in store free tasting and education we provide as well during our sale. May is Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby time here at Star as well as our first real holiday of the summer season, so check out our sales all month long. For the grad we offer fantastic party barrels of Micro-brewery beers, simply give us a weeks notice to find something special for you and your group. As always, feel free to email us here with your questions or concerns and we'll get back to you with a response as fast as possible. Enjoy!

Stop in at Star this summer and register to win a great giveway


----------Enter To Win Star Liquor's Big Summer Drawing-------------

Starting in mid May stop in to register to win a complete home beer tap system. Yes that's right, your very own home Kegerator complete with a keg of beer! The system is a complete with enough space to hold your favorite keg of beer, CO2 tank and best of all it's on wheels so your backyard BBQ can be the hit of the town. Extras include complete cleaning kit, 15" Tower, adjustable temperature control, chrome rail glass guard, and drip tray. This complete with beer is a $800.00 Value

* See store for details of drawing, no purchase necessary, must be 21 to enter.

Click here to see what you can win!



Well ho w was everyone's holiday season? Still alive? We are here at Star but just barely. Some new fun stuff to look at on the web and in the store since the last update. Check these things out. New beers and wines abound. There are also a bunch of new links on the References/ Reviews/ Library page. Fun new stuff that considers with what we like to do here at Star. Check it out and come visit us soon.


A new update has been added with new photographs from our Single Malt Scotch Tasting on the events page.Also pics from our victory in the Natural American Spirit Retailer of the Year Contest and our 15 on the 15th Sweets and Treats tasting on the "on the floor" page. Check them out. There will also be new beer pages with Holiday and Winter Brews that we all enjoy so much. We have tons of new stuff coming for Thanksgiving and Xmas so stop in and check out what is hot. Have a great holiday season and we hope to see you a lot.


New updates for fall


The ark was built and the rains stopped, just my luck. Not really sure but I think I have 4000 mosquitoes on board, will that be enough to keep the pesky friends around on earth for another million years? With summer finely here Star is in full swing with great things you need to check out. First our drawings, we will be giving away 2 tickets to the SOLD OUT Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival every week till the hallowed event. No purchase necessary and see us at Star for details of the drawing. This is a $50.00 dollar value and your chances are REAL good so enter often. Also we got this GREAT Weber gas grill that we are also giving away in mid August $300.00 value, plus a free case of local brewed Berghoff beer and a gift certificate to Kens Meats on Monona Drive. Enter often and good luck! A few summer products you should NOT miss are currently in at Star is the finest dry styled France Rose wines we have tasted. All great priced and limited these make for wonderful summer sippers and work great with grilled foods ( BBQ. fish, veggies ) In early July we have a load of fresh vintage German wines hitting Star and will have a German wine sale to kick it off. These wines are clean, crisp and oh so fun to drink when it's hot outside. Flavors of lemon, lime, herbs, mango, apple yum yum! Adam has once again found some wonderful new beers to tease and tempt you stop by and see what's new in the cooler for you. Our Sake tasting and Kentucky bourbon trip photos are also new this month on the site..... check out all the fun.

Oh yes..... It's voting time for our local favorites in ISTHMUS magazine in June. So..... if you think we are worthy please take a few moments of your time and vote for us here at Star as your favorite Liquor and Wine store. We work real hard to be special for you and hope you will reward us with your vote.




Hello all you Star Liquor fanatics. Just a little note to remind you all that tomorrow is MAY 1st! Great Taste of the MIdwest Tickets go on sale! The demand is high so get yours early or risk being left out of the most anticipated beer event of the year. Star Liquor will have tickets available until we run out and we have no idea how long that is going to take. My guess is not that long. The homebrewer's website is

contact them with any questions. More from Star soon.



Welcome web fans. As I write this the doors to Star are wide open bringing in that long awaited smells of spring. Our tastes change with the warmer weather, cold beers taste even better, and our thoughts turn to Gin and Tonics over a dram of Islay Scotch Whisky. As I write this we are in the process of ordering our wines of summer including a boat load of wonderful dry Rose wines from France. These wines will arrive in late May or early June, just in time for summer BBQ and sipping on the porch. Also take note, we have committed to thousands of dollars worth of 2002-2003 German wines. These are fantastic summer wines, light, crisp and refreshing with just a hint of fruit. Jerry, Jason and Adam will be leaving for the hills of Kentucky to tour the top Bourbon distilleries ( I know you want our jobs) This will give us a good education and understanding of this popular American made product. Watch for our photos from our trip and be sure to talk to us personally about the experience. With Bourbon on the mind, our annual "Run For The Roses" Kentucky Bourbon promotion will be featured the end of April. Ask about getting FREE fresh mint here at Star with your bourbon purchase. We are also close to rolling out our second web site SLURPWINE.COM watch for details on this exciting new concept from your friends at Star. DO NOT FORGET TICKETS FOR THE GREAT TASTE OF THE MIDWEST GO ON SALE MAY 1ST. LAST YEAR THEY SOLD OUT IN 8 DAYS, EXPECT THEM TO GO EVEN QUICKER THIS YEAR. CHECK THE BEER PAGES FOR MORE INFO!


Greetings web fans. A new year is here and with that Star Liquor has updated our web site with fun new products for your enjoyment. During this, the long cold dead of winter in Wisconsin, it is nice to curl up with a good book, fireplace a roar and sip a fine Bourbon or Cognac. We have many new Single Malt Scotch Whiskies that have arrived since the holiday's and worth your inspection. I have just returned from a trip to California, which included time in Napa, Santa Cruz, and Central Coast. Stop in to hear what's new and exciting from the left coast in wines.


The Holiday season is fast approaching and we have filled our store with 100's of new items to tease you with. Maybe you will want to leave a print out of pages here you enjoy for Santa to see ( and maybe get the hint ) Our site is totally updated, so enjoy looking at all the pretty new things! If you have a special request for an item, please feel free to email us and we'll get our crack team on it for you.



Welcome back students and all who make this UW a great place to be and learn. It is heading into fall quickly here and Star Liquor will feature wonderful new and exciting products to make this transition all; that much easier ( from your drinking standpoint ) As always email us with your thoughts and concerns.


Hey gang, just a note to let you know that the beer pages are all freshly updated and sometime very soon the rest of the site should follow suit. If you don't know already we are announcing the winners of our Great Taste of the Midwest ticket drawing on the site only. Take a look around to find out who the winner is to these great BEERfest tix. See you in the funny pages.


As we write, Adam from Star is spending almost 2 weeks in Italy and more specific the region of Tuscany tasting wines, eating, tasting wines and eating ( it is a tough job at Star, but we do it all for you) Ahh...... Spring time in Tuscany, it almost seems like heaven on earth. OOPS..... sorry got carried away. So if you see Adam in April, please be sure to ask him about his trip and watch his eyes glaze over as he swoons about Springtime in Tuscany!



Welcome friends. The new year has now set in for us all and 2003 is filled with unknowns. War, loss of jobs and the economy all looms as dark spots already for 2003. The wine and spirits industry has also felt the effects of a slowed economy. Wine sales at the high end have slowed as we all look to stretch our money further. California has seen an ocean of wine backing up to their doorsteps, as well as Australia due to several factors; California is over priced, plain and simple. While Australia suffers from huge productions and slowed sales. It takes time for prices to reflect market conditions but some movement has occurred in a positive price direction. California has to get real and understand that us consumers can not be fooled into paying $45.00 for a bottle of wine only worth 15 bucks. Don't get me wrong, a lot of great wines are made in the new world, and many are worth prices charged. Yet, with values from Spain, France and other parts of the world what wine salesperson would not lead a customer to that kind of value over a selection from California. We have sold over 500 cases of wine from Spain alone in the last 6 months, all wonderful drinking wines that pleased a lot of customers. And THAT is the bottom line, pleasure from what you buy and the satisfaction of knowing that you didn't have to break the bank to get that enjoyment.

We are committed at Star to finding just those wines for you. Many are limited, many are names you may never remember, but each week we taste, select and offer those wines for you to consider for purchase. Wines of value AND distinction.

Adam from Star will be leaving for 2 weeks in Tuscany this March, so ask him about his trip and what new things he saw in the land of enchantment ( Tuscany)

Also, some of our staff will be attending the Whiskey Fest, cosponsored by The Malt Advocate Magazine in Chicago. Give a yell to Jason or Adam in April to get all the details ( well at least the ones they can remember)

Spring seasonal beers are fully here, make sure you get your fill of these wonderful spring bocks before we all have to drink light bodied wheat beers again for the summer months.

Thanks for all your support in 2002, and we look forward to serving you in the year ahead.



Greetings WEB fans. I know it has been a while since our last update, and wanted to take this time to explain why. Our Star "team" went to the Whisky Fest in Chicago a while back, and we were expecting to have great photos and story about it to report back to you. Well..... as things would happen, our digital camera got lost in the big windy city, event pics and all. So we had to do our homework and purchase another camera to get our site back up and rolling as we like to be. Now we promise to be up to date and provide you with all the great new things happening at Star Liquor.

Speaking of NEW at Star, some time ago we purchased another Dot com web address. I can't tell you everything about it now...... but soon you will see an amazing NEW concept for our customers and the web. Here is the site address...... book mark it and soon you will understand why :-)

Our WINE department is overflowing with GREAT values from France right now, not to mention we still have a super selection of Spanish and Italian wines packing our shelves. These are from great vintages, and are priced well below those of the new world. Enjoy



Yes, THIS EVENT IS sold out but we are giving away 2 tickets every Friday till the event. Good luck to all and see you there!

That's all for now folks! email us if you have questions or comments!





Welcome web friends to the show that never ends..... ELP for all you old timers. We have changed about 75% of our offerings on the site so spend some time looking at all the NEW and exciting things. Our beer department is going full steam, lots of new highly rated beers in stock while sales on some old favorites. The season is soon changing, and the beers reflect that change with the addition of Mai Bocks galore. The liquor department also has some fun new items, and check out the Web ONLY prices. Just mention to your friendly Star server that you saw it here and get that price. Also, speaking of liquor... well how about Tequila, we are thinking of doing a tasting in May.... something that would be a "learn more about Tequila" and have fun as well. The location would be the Pasqual's on Monroe Street ( BTW if you have not treated yourself, check out the new ownership and HIGH quality food being served up there NOW) Speaking of employees, we are happy ( and sad ) that Brian has left us to.. (Oh don't say it's true ) get a real job and career. Best of luck Brian from the whole crew at Star, we'll miss ya you CrAzY dude! The good news is that we have three new young Star Liquor upstarts, Jessica, Edson and Chris.... so everyone be gentle on them till they get broken in.... Ok, back to alcohol related items. The wine department has the store flooded with bargains from around the world. The best values STILL are in France, Spain, Australia, Italy.... Mmm..... NOT California. We have a wine from southern France that is SO big in flavor, we recommend that you wear a helmet while drinking ( yes, safety is job one here at Star ). Also in April, we are contracting a huge purchase of new and old favorites from Spain. These wines are a million times better than just 5 years ago, great prices and VALUE! Watch for the signs and on here.



Things are looking festive around here at Star Liquor. Our beer department has a ton of great gift pack ideas for the Micro Beer fan on your list. Our Liquor department also has great favorites stacked that will be sure to please any holiday guests. New Champagnes are also arriving daily, just in time to ring in what hopes to be a great New Year. Also, don't forget while your here to sign up for the BIG CHAMPAGNE GIVEWAY, drawing December 31st!



Welcome web friends. Well it is just around the corner to Thanksgiving and the holiday season. We here at Star are very excited with our offerings this year for your Thanksgiving feast. Selected are some of our favorites, wines that are special to us and outside the ordinary. Many of these offerings are from small family producers, and are in limited quantities, so get them or miss them.Visit our "On The Floor" page to see just a few of the featured wines as well as stop by for a personal tour. For your shopping needs, we will be OPEN Thanksgiving day from 9 AM to 3 PM.



16 Liter Bottle of Pol Roger
French Champagne
$999.99 Value

This is our way of saying Thank You to our customers for your loyal patronage over the years. Stop in for details and register to win this HUGE bottle which will be a BIG hit at your New Years Eve party or special event. Good luck to all!



Tickets are going fast for this annual event. Sure to please the novice as well as the connoisseur of this water of life. This years event will be held at the new Madison Hilton Hotel and Convention Center. Fine appetizers and a great selection of Single Malts are planned. Stop in to Star for further details.



Hi-dee-ho all you fluff monkeys out there in that magical realm called reality. We just want you all to know that we are indeed still updating our website, it's just taking us a little bit of more time than usual. On the agenda for next week is a massive update, so keep an eye out for it. Maybe later in the week it will be completely done.
Have a pleasant autumn and drink some cider,

Star Liquor


Hey there to all of you merry makers and happy people out there in the land of cream soups and sweet corn. We Star Liquor employees have been doing good deeds and spreading cheer where ever we go. Especially me. I was on vacation in Mexico. Which reminds me, keep an eye out for our upcoming Mexican Independence day specials. It is just around the corner you know (September 15 and 16th for those who don't know).
The rest of the people here have been busy as beavers and brought in tons of fun wines and liquor and beers. Check out the beer pages for some killer new brews. Also look on our events page, there are some great photos of the Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Fest.
Well...that's about all I feel like typing, so take off and look at the rest of the web site. It's much more interesting than my babble.

Solidarity folks,


Greetings web visitors. We really have been busy at Star with tons of great new beers and wines for summer. In the next few weeks we will be updating with all the award winning beers we now have in stock, as well as new items on our floor and other changes happening at Star Liquor. We also would like to welcome all the guests to Madison for the GREAT TASTE OF THE MIDWEST BEER FEST Enjoy what is considered the best of brews, then stop into Star and take some home with you!

Howdy, everyone out there in happy land. In case you were wondering, the changes to the beer pages haven't happened quite yet, but look at the all the wine pages. They have new wines and liquor that we are sure you'll want to try. Also, look at the on the floor page for our great French wine sale that is going on. I got one word for you all....ROSË. Golly that's a pretty word. Anyway, there are still a few more things that will be going up in the next week, so keep an eye on this page and at least one foot on the ground.
A report on our trip to Chicago is still on it's way, by the way.
Love always, we at Star!


Hello Summer.... well not quite yet, and current air temp is more like March 1st than June but that will soon change. Look for a total web update on all pages early this month with new and hot items arriving at Star. Our wine department has a wonderful French wine sale starting soon..... great direct import prices from fantastic small producers. Remember, French, Spanish and Italian wines are STILL your best value in today's wine market so stock up during our Sale. The beer department is in the process of cutting a FANTASTIC deal on a midwest Micro Brewery line that will make every beer lover smile. Still kind of a secret, but watch the Micro Brewery page for details. Also watch for a drawing and giveaway ALSO from our beer department, something everyone can use for summer. We will be making some minor changes to our web site "look" now that we have a feel for things better..... nothing too drastic, but minor changes will occur in the next month. Also watch for a report from Jason, as he and two other employees attend a Italian winemakers event in Chicago on June 4th...... details and photos to follow.

See you soon!




Welcome! May is a very exciting time around Star Liquor. GREAT TASTE OF THE MIDWEST TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE AT STAR, aand for more info about this great beer fest we have a link provided to the promoters for any questions you may have.We also have specials in every department that will be sure to bring a smile to your face no matter what your pleasure. Below is a brief listing by week of what is going on around here but to get the full effect please come visit us. Enjoy!

For more Information on the Great Taste and the Madison Homebrewers and Taster's Guild.

Week 1
Kentucky Bourbon special just in time for the Kentucky Derby. FREE fresh mint with select bottles (while supply lasts) Also great beer in cans SALE for all you outdoor adventure folks, remember glass is a no no, so be sure to take. Wanna celebrate Cinco de Mayo in proper fashion? Stop by to see what Brian has on sale for Mexican beers and Fine Tequila specials.

Week 2
Annual Fine Wine Sale. Want that Dominus you have had your eye on? Maybe the Pahlmeyer that's been calling you? Well.... this is your chance to stock your personal cellar and save big in the process! ONE WEEK ONLY so don't miss it




10% OFF any bottle
15% OFF any bottle(s) totaling $250 or more
20% OFF any bottle(s) totaling $500 or more

*NOTE: Excludes bottles under $30.00

Week 3
Class of 2001 We Salute You with specials all over the store. Special purchases on great Champagne, Fine Wine Sale to treat your accomplishments, Micro Brewery Barrels (please order early for best selection) 10% off any sparkling wine or Champagne. Make your party special with a trip to Star Liquor!

Week 4
Summer Kick Off
Specials in every corner for all your getaway needs. Check out our beer specials, Cider sale, soda and all the fixins to make that BBQ first class! (is that a grill I smell?)




Happy Bunny Day and Tax Day to all ! Spring is in full swing and so are the selections of wines as we change our mix this time of year to more summer and seasonal selections. This week we added over 50 new wines to our French, Italian and California sections. We have exciting new whites from France that are so... good, it will bring tears to your eyes........ Great new Rose wines (yeah I don't know how to put that hyphen in Rose, sorry) that are full of flavor, dry and oh so pretty for Spring drinking. Also watch our floor for a new line of wine from California..... great reviews from the Pro's and Us, plus at a fantastic price (about time from California).

May will be a Month filled with great new promotions, starting with the first week... so watch here for details. It also will be our annual Fine Wine Sale, for those of you who enjoy the top rated, higher end wines, this is the time to buy and stock your personal cellars. Volume dollar discounts will make for fantastic savings on these wines. Details soon to be posted, or watch for our ads in the Isthmus, Madison's Weekly Newspaper.

NOTE: BEER FANS ~ The Great Taste of The Midwest Beer Fest tickets will be on sale here at Star Liquor, the first week of May. For your convience, we have listed a link to their web site in our "References/Reviews/Library" page. Please direct any questions to the members there concerning this fantastic event!



Greetings to all of you in the high tech world of whatever you do! We hope you enjoyed our Spanish wine sale as much as we did. Now we have decided to move things along into spring. On our "On The Floor" page we have some great wines for you to try this spring while you are out enjoying the weather. Also, there are some great beers on that page that you have got to try if you enjoy beer, and we know you do. So, check it out.



After a large and elegant meal with big wigs from Gordon and Macphail (the oldest continuos independent bottler of single malt scotch) Da-Mace decided it would be a really good idea to show some of our G And M Products on the site. We have some great rare single malts floating around the store. We all have been eyeing them for some time, but have kept our grubby little paws off the bottles so that you, yes you, could enjoy them. Check out the Liquor Page to get an idea of what we have.
The Mighty King Of Beer just picked up some killer bottles and has been itchin' to let the public know about them. So, on the Micro Beer page and the Import Beer page you will find quite a few new additions.
For all of you in the Madison area, we at Star Liquor have a close friendship with our neighbors at Willy Street Co-op! Each month in the Willy Street Reader there are several yummy recipes. We have wine recommendations for those recipes. Check out the Willy Street Reader for more details.



Updates, updates and yet more updates. Our crack team of webmasters have been busy into the wee hours of the night adding new items and photos of all the fantastic products that have arrived at Star Liquor. Almost every department has been added to, including some really cool info links to better help you learn more about these products. Our beer manager has informed us that new items will be added here next week.... so check back soon. Spanish wines are HOT right now "on the floor" and we anticipate these gems being around for another few weeks, don't miss out on these fine values. Also, we want to mention the savings for Willy Street Coop members on selected wines featured in the Willy Street Reader that are paired with this months recipes. Enjoy all, see you soon!



Greetings, What a wonderful time of year, spring is on the way, weather is warmer in good old Wisconsin and our Spanish wine sale is in progress. That's right, as promised, we have a huge selection of great Spanish wine bargains on our floor. Us wine buyers spent the month of February tasting over 100 wines from Spain, many of which impressed us greatly. Silky smooth ones, powerhouse reservas, and organic offerings. These wines that exhibit flavors that most of you haven't really tasted before. We believe that these wines represent a HUGE value in the world market today. Experiment and enjoy!

Not to slight our hard working beer department, check out the fantastic new offerings at Star. From brand new items to seasonal offerings from favorite brewers. Oh... and check out that Red Seal Ale, wow! Also for those who become a wee bit more Irish this month, our beer department has all the favorites on sale, just in time to celebrate the season.

So stop by and say HI to all of us here at Star, or if you feel like it, you can always email us here with your thoughts and questions, we LOVE to get mail !




Welcome one and all! If you have been here before, it's nice to have you back. If this is your first time then we hope you enjoy your stay. It's a warm and sunny day here in Madison, the temperature actually reached 17 degrees today. A lovely sheet of ice covers the sidewalk making it nearly impossible to walk anywhere, so, as you probably guessed, we've been spending quite a bit of time indoors working on our site. Some amazing beers just came in so you should check out the beer pages. Also, we just put in a privacy and legal statement which is really neat, take a second and read it. It has pictures to make the experience more pleasant.


Happy Ground Hogs Day! We have been busy with buying new wines of value and our "On The Floor" page lists many of them. Our beer department also has some great specials for you this month so don't miss those pages either. Near the end of February we will be running a huge wine feature from another part of the world that has great values. Check back and see what's up in a few weeks. Also we would like to point out that we now have an e-mail feature at our site, allowing for your questions and comments or just to say hi to us if you want. Please remember, that it may take us a few days to respond, but we will get back to you with your question or concern.We would also like to remind you that this site is updated almost every week in some fashion or form, so just because it may be a month between update "logs" here, that doesn't mean other things have not changed..... check it out!




Welcome to 2001. With the change of the new year, so does our focus at Star Liquor in respect to products we are featuring on the floor. Check out what is new and exciting in value wines from France, Italy and California. Also watch the beer department pages for new seasonal beers soon hitting our shelves.




Have a safe and happy New Year!


Watch for our "on the floor" page to change next week listing all your New Years Eve needs. We also have a great supply of those party "poppers" to usher in 2001.

From our beer department: ORDER YOUR NEW YEARS EVE BARRELS EARLY to insure a tasty micro brew!

*Star Staff*



Welcome to our little corner of the World Wide Web for Star Liquor. The goal of this site will be to allow you, our customer
to visit departments of our store here to see what is new, and hot before you stop and shop. We also will be featuring links to what we believe are sites that are informative and helpful, and will teach you more about our products in general. Cooking sites will be a focus, because we believe that the pairing of food and wine is paramount in making this all make sense. Look for other features down the road like an online newsletter that will be printable, special offers with our local Willy Street merchants, event schedules for tastings related to what we sell. Soon, we will have e-mail feature so you may contact us here with your special requests. Also watch this "update log" to see what is new on our site, or just to catch our messages to you, our customer.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay. You comments are very welcome in how we may better serve you here, or in the store.

*Star staff*






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